by Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni
April 26–28, 2018

The Black Theatre Troupe and the CSRD bring “One Drop of Love” to Arizona for a limited engagement!

One Drop of Love” is a multimedia solo performance by Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni that uses the ever-changing racial categories on the U.S. Census as the historical backdrop to this interactive show. Throughout, the audience is asked to participate in defining and redefining these categories for themselves and one another. Cox DiGiovanni parallels this history with her own, and her family’s search for roots, identity and for justice. Audiences will travel from the 1700s to the present, to cities around the U.S., and to West and East Africa, to pursue more truth – leading to more justice – and then, perhaps to LOVE.

Each performance will be followed by a discussion that will provide theatergoers with the opportunity to reflect on their experience and openly and critically engage about race and racism, class, gender, identity and our history.

There are four performances of “One Drop” and Cox DiGiovanni will lead a FREE, public workshop focused on creative writing and performance. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear and learn from this outstanding artist!

About Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni:

Award-winning playwright, actor, producer and educator, Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni is currently touring the one-woman show she wrote and performes in, “One Drop of Love.” Fanshen is also head of strategic outreach at Pearl Street Films. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, and holds a bachelor of arts in Spanish and education, a master of arts in TESOL and a master of fine arts in acting and performance. She serves on the boards of Mixed Roots StoriesThe Annenberg Inclusion Initiative and Project Greenlight Digital Studios.

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